About Arsa

Our company is working with automatic sliding doors and roller shutter doors industry since 1994. Since the year 2000, we are producing 80% of our products in our own facility.

When we receive new requirements, we handle it step by step and adapt ourselves to the new conditions. We always aim to achieve HIGHER QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Our products are manufactured in our GEBZE factory, while preparing and dying the newly manufactured products in our dye and montage units.

We are more and more adapting ourselves to quality production while choosing the best products for our customers. We are following all the developments of the globalizing world and do serve different products for our customers. Such a thing is playing an important role in the development of ARSA Automatic Door and Shutter Systems.

We are working hardly to become closer and closer to our dear customers through at the selling stage, the manufacturing state, and mounting stage, and the after-sale stage.

Our company is creating the service and montage network in Turkey with a franchise system. We are giving services from Edirne to Kars, from Samsun to Antalya, and almost everywhere world-widely. We are doing it with the motivation as if it was the first day of our job!

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